The Noise Field Technology

The Noise Field Technology

Since the onset of World War One, the US military had been leading the way in the research and development of military application of radiofrequencies, microwave technology, nuclear reactors etc. They were the early leaders, along with Russia, Germany, China, Japan and Britain to develop radiofrequencies, microwaves and nuclear energy reactors, radio towers, radars and other radiofrequencies technology mainly  for military use.

Over  the  years,  as  they  worked  with  such technologies,  US  military  scientists began to realize that symptoms and ill health among the military personnel involved in radiofrequencies, microwave and other wireless technologies. The Army was extremely concerned that these negative health effects  could  be  an  unforeseen  the  result  of  these technologies.

To safeguard the well-­‐being and health of their personnel, the US Army heavily funded research to verify if such technologies involving radiofrequencies and microwaves actually lead to negative health effects, and if so, to find a way to protect  against  these effects.

The research project was initiated in 1986 and funded in its first five years by the U.S. Army Walter Reed Army Institute Department of Microwave Engineering.

The project was a large scale effort at the Catholic University of America’s (CUA) Department of Physics. Their researchers were the  first to come up with the  idea that there was some structural difference between electromagnetic fields that  were  natural  and  those  that  were  man-­‐made.  Man-­‐made  electromagnetic fields radiate with steady, regular oscillations or pulses with constant frequencies. However, natural electromagnetic fields are highly irregular, with random and mixed frequencies and waveform.

The researchers   discovered   that   man-­‐made   frequencies   had   a   detrimental, negative effect on biological cells, whereas the natural frequencies did not. They called this natural electromagnetic field with random and mixed frequencies and waveform, “Noise Field”.

The researchers then found out that when they super-­‐imposed a noise field over the man-­‐made frequencies, the body’s cells responded normally, and did not go into an alert mode of hardening their membranes. The term, “noise field technology” was coined to describe this phenomenon.

After the initial finding about the Noise Field Technology by the Catholic University of America, other universities were commissioned by The Walter  Reed Army Institute of Research. They include University of Washington (Seattle), Columbia University, and some other universities to validate the efficacy of the Noise Field Technology.

Well known universities like Aarhus University (Denmark), University of Western Ontario (Canada) and Zhejiang University (China) have also published their successful experiments using similar Noise Field Technology on cells with damaged DNA.

Dr Henry Lai, during his time with University of Washington (Seattle) was hailed by the scientific community for his research on using Noise Field on cell  damaged by EMR.   His test method was the Comet Assay.

His experiment protocol was :

1.    Rats were exposed to radio frequency radiation
2.    The rats’ DNA repair mechanisms were disrupted resulting in formation of DNA fragments
3.    An electric field was applied to the DNA to see migration patterns and it was found that damaged DNA produced a “comet tail”
4.    Damaged DNA lost their Comet Assay tail when a noise field was superimposed onto the radio frequency radiation.

DNA Patterns (Lai et. al. University of   Washington)