Wave Rider

Wave Rider

Times when the load is increasing and the turnover of existing cargoes are growing, you find yourself in front of the check-out to buy brand new equipment, or the capacity of goods will be able to handle with used vehicle? Ask us for the necessary equipment and we will find you the best solution, we can offer mobile harbor cranes, reach stackers, industrial material handling excavators, wheel loaders, dozers and many other technical solutions on your request!

We know how important it is to work without downtime, since the lost time directly affects the economic situation of the company, the unearned funds as well as costs incurred from downtime by paying a fine, and most importantly - damage the reputation of your company among customers.

There may be many reasons for this: the crane technical problems, the human factor, as well as that of the working tool, such as the hydraulic grab failure. We offer to use our knowledge and experience to seek the necessary equipment for your material handling equipment, depending on the type and nature of cargo, as well as to use the new equipment. Tell us what you want to handle and we will offer the best solution on your question!

We offer metal-cutting shears, demolitions equipment, scrap handling, timber and bulk material handling as well as wheel loader buckets, etc.

Our company helps you to find new or used machineries, equipment or spare parts. We are able to supply it from dealer companies or directly from the machinery owners.

Whether you need to find additional work equipment, contact us. We do know how to find the best and cost-effective solutions in short period of time.